ResMed AirFit N30


$299.00 $169.00

Group 99

Simplicity from the start ResMed AirFit™ N30 discreetly fits into your lifestyle to help you stay on therapy. ResMed lightest CPAP interface ever* features a soft, curved nasal cradle cushion and an adjustable QuickFit™ elastic slip-on headgear.


  • The QuickFit Elastic Headgear with Split Strap is designed to make AirFit N30 easy to fit. It aims to provide stability and adjustability with minimal facial contact.
  • Single side clip allows you to make minor adjustments to the headgear, if needed.
  • Nasal Cradle Cushion rests discreetly under the nose and is curved for comfort.
  • QuietAir™ Vent Technology is designed to break up exhaled air so it spreads out lightly, minimising sleep disruptions.
  • The Slim Short Tube is designed to be small, light, and flexible, offering freedom of movement without compromising seal.

Please Note: The N30 is designed to work with most full size CPAP devices and is not compatible with the ResMed Airmini travel device.

Group 22

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