BMC Luna BPAP System Y-25T with Humidifier


$2,600.00 $2,500.00

BMC Luna BPAP System Y-25T with Humidifier (CPAP, S, T, S/T, 25 hPa targeted tidal volume)

An intelligent technology, featured in the RESmart GII Y series, it delivers automatic solution for patients with OSA and/or respiratory insufficiency.

Aligned with same platform as RESmart GII BPAP System, the Y series adapts pressure automatically to patient needs and provide a better synchronization.

Targeted Volume
Pressure support automatically adjusts according to target volume as to improve hypoventilation.
Real time monitoring includes pressure, flow, minute ventilation (MV), tidal volume, oxygen saturation*(SpO 2 ) and pulse*.


Ventilation Efficacy
Advanced leakage compensation promises adequate volume support. Ti Control, I/E Sense and Rise time guarantee better ventilation synchronization.