BMC Luna BPAP System T-25T with Humidifier


$2,400.00 $2,300.00

The BMC Luna BPAP System T-25T delivers a bi-level therapeutic pressure with breath rate setting that reinforce user-device synchrony, reducing the work of breathing so users remain comfortable

Real time monitoring: Reslex respiratory pressure relief technology reduce the work of exhale so users remain comfortable and compliance.

Wireless module (Optional): With the wireless module, detailed therapy records are uploaded to BMC+ cloud-based health management platform.

LCD screen: Full monitoring parameters are displayed 3.5 inch LCD screen. Easy to view.


  • Delay Off: With delay off function, your tube is dried and is ready for next use.
  • Model: T-25T
  • Screen: 3.5
  • Modes: S/T,S,T,CPAP
  • Languages: Multi-languages
  • Pressure: 4-25cmH2O
  • Compliance: Reslex, ECO Smart Humidifier, Ramp, Ti Control, Sensitivity, I/E Sense, Real time monitoring1
  • Data Transfer:  SD Card, iCode/iCode QR/iCode QR+, Wi-Fi/GPRS*
  • Optional: SpO2 Kit, Heated Tubing, BMC+ Respiratory Health Management Platform*